Tuesday, October 27, 2009

October 13 - 31: Michael Ciavarella, Kiera Brew Kurec, Salote Tawale & Rosa Tato

In Gallery One is Michael Ciavarella's Hard and Fast, a collection of small-scale canvases and collages accompanied by a large, concrete sculpture on the floor. The sculpture looks like a plinth that's been dug out from the earth or retreived from the bottom of the sea. It's weightiness seems an apt contrast to the airy, sparse and [occasionally] comical wall based works.

In Gallery Two is Kiera Brew Kurec's Dead Life. This enormous festoon occupies the whole space, and emanates vaguely the sound of Easter Litanies from a Ukranian Orthodox church. The pungent odour of plant matter fills your nostrils when you eneter this darkened room, and the sensation of an organic living [or dying] presence is overwhelming.

Salote Tawale's I love you, I REALLY DO, is in the project space. This work contains two parts, a large photocopy blown up to a huge scale of a hand giving the single-finger salute. Simultaneously confronting and hilarious. On the floor next to it is a video of a woman [the artist] doing a really great dance that just makes you smile.
And finally, on the Night Screen we have Rosa Tato's Made in China. This video, comprised of photgraphic stills taken by Rosa during a visit to china, explores the comparisons and contrasts of traditional Chinese garments and the industry that surrounds them.

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