Monday, July 27, 2009

Opening Night July 21st

A delightful bunch of artists are exhibiting at Seventh this time 'round until August 8.

Gallery One contains the wonderful works of Dane Lovett (pictured below with buddy).

For one night only, Hao Guo transmitted himself into the Project Space through the wonders of technology. The crowd was able to interact one on one with Hao to ask important questions about the weather in China.

Stephen Palmer, Hao Guo and Andrew Atchison are showing their pieces in Gallery Two.

Float away with Kate Fauld's enchanting animation, 'Balloon', showing on the Night Screen from 6pm Tuesday to Saturday.

Thanks to all for coming down and hope to see you for our next opening night on Tuesday August 11!!!

Saturday, July 25, 2009

June 30 - July 18

Anthony Sawrey, Nick Waddell and Jack Douglas owned Gallery One with 'Despite Our Best Efforts...'.

Sorted 100's and 1000's!!!

Kristin McIver's 'Lifeless' transformed Gallery Two into a darkened space brightened by neon lights.

The Project Space held Laura Woodward's 'Machina'.

Dimple projected 'The Reconstruction Project: Running in Non-Space' on Seventh's Night Screen.