Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Feb - March @ SEVENTH

Here's a few [less blurry] images of our current show:

Gallery One, with Bianca Durrant's inquiry into natural history museums. These models are so lifelike they scared the bejezus out of the cat upstairs...

It's not the best shot, but it gives you an idea of the detail involved in this enormous drawing. Note the 70's pin & string folk-art technique around the edges...

The Project Space has been transformed into a broom-closet/art office, complete with rotting fruit in the fridge and a regular radio update on the horses - by Jess and Jordy from Hell Gallery. Take the time to peruse the scrawled notes on the notice board and savour the delicate aromas wafting from the open fridge.

In Gallery Two, Natasha Carrington's photographic works present the bleak and eerie world of institutional spaces: prisons, asylums etc.

These ones are of Pentridge prison.

Despite the sterile or authoritarian feel of the spaces presented here, there is certainly a sense of a very human history; the absence of people in the images incites the mind to create narratives of poor souls wandering the corridoors, scribbling confessions on the walls...
I am yet to get some shots of Andrew Liversidge's Counting the Waves which is currently on show in the Night Screen. Stay tuned...
[Of course, none of this is any substitute for a visit to the gallery.]

Monday, March 2, 2009

Exhibition Opening 24th of February: Bianca Durrant, Natasha Carrington, Hell Gallery and Andrew Liversidge

Art Crowd with Andrew Liversidge's Night Screen video playing in the background. Video still from aforementioned video by Andrew Liversidge: "Counting The Waves"

Art Crowd enjoying Bianca Durrant's Gallery 1 work: "Cat and Bird: The European Collection"

Blurry shot from Hell Gallery's Project Space installation "Who Cut The Cheese? Two Giants of Contemporary Art Speak Frankly of Monumental Tasks". Sorry it's blurry, it was dark and my camera is pretty crap...

'Twas another great opening at Seventh. Thanks everyone, see you on Tuesday the 17th of March for the next opening with Ken Shimizu, Sophie Lavence, Lou Hubbard and Kieron Stewart!