Thursday, January 21, 2010

Opening November 3rd: Wanda Gillespie, Antuong Nguyen & Ross Taylor

In Gallery one was Wanda Gillespie's Swi Gunting, a menagerie of beautifully hand-crafted trolley-like machines commissioned by Wanda from a group of Indonesian craftsmen.

Gallery Two and the Project Space contained :), a collection of digital works by Antuong Nguyen, photographic and video-based, respectively. Images and footage sourced from the web provide the base material for Nguyen's works; his video mash-up of extreme sportspeople has a measured, almost choreoghraphic quality to it, as long distance runners morph into sky-divers and then into synchronized swimmers...

On the Night Screen was Ross Taylor's I Knew She'd Be Back, in which the artist attempts to sweep back the ocean. This poetic, yet absurd gesture embodies the way in which, when it comes to lost loved ones, we may cling so desperately to an unfounded reality...
great stuff.

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