Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tuesday August 11, Opening Night!

'Neo Black', in Gallery One and the Project Space, featured works from Georgina Cue, Dean Thompson and Michael Staniak.

Michael Staniak explains that "this exhibition explores three unique and contrasting methods where black has been used, not so much as a colour value but more as a concept derived from science, media and popular culture".

Georgina Cue's embroideries involve a delicate portrayal of cinema noir and mysterious street deaths and murders.

Dean Thompson's painted fibreglass canvases seem to transform from solid materials to fragile, vulnerable substances.

Michael Staniak's oil paintings and fluorescent lights eerily lit the room. He explores quantum physics and black holes and the ability for scientists to re-create this phenomenon through machines.

Submerged in Gallery Two was the work of Laureen Lansdown, 'Planktos-Made to Wander'.

Playing on the Night Screen was Georgie Roxby Smith's 'Walk 8:57am<>Run 8:59am'.

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