Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SEVENTH-Up @ FELTspace, Adelaide

So last month we folks here at Seventh packed a bunch of artworks into a tarago and cruised over to Adelaide to have a show there. After 'heading west' and finding ourselves almost at Warnambool, we realised that it was time to get a map. We promptly headed north to join the road that we should have been on the entire time, and after much sing-along singing, bottles of cider and pleasant country scenery, found ourselves in sunny Adelaide [it was night-time and raining when we got there though].

Our Exhibition was hosted by the lovely folks from FELTspace, a little ARI in downtown Adelaide - conveniently located right near some of the best Chinese restaurants in the city. The premise of our show was an 'ARI swap', meaning that once we'd shown over there, the artists from FELT would come over to Melbourne and have an exhibition at Seventh gallery. This idea proved to be very successful, and as a result we now know where the good pubs in Adelaide are.

Pictured are some of the works by artists from the Seventh gallery committee.

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