Tuesday, October 27, 2009

September 22 - October 10: FELT up, Kate Hodgetts & Sharna Osborne

In gallery one and the project space we have FELT up, the ARI swap [see below] with FELT space from Adelaide. These guys risked life and limb to cart their art over to Melbourne - and what a fantastic show. Very sculpturally orientated, with painting and video as well [even Monte's video works were presented in a spatial manner]. These artists include: Annika Evans, James Marshall, Matt Huppatz, Brigid Noone, Logan MacDonald and Monte Masi.

In Gallery Two is Kate Hodgetts' work Portable, a frenetic video in which a camera scurries through the undergrowth of a typically Aussie forest, accompanied by feedback driven electric guitar. An intense experience indeed.

The large cardboard sculpture is a part of Circuit, a multi-faceted installation by Matthew Gingold. During the Fringe Festival, this modular sculpture was installed in ARIs all around Victoria, and allowed visitors to view - via a webcam and built in modem - gallery visitors in the other venues.

On The Night Screen was Sharna Osborne's The Flummox of Equilibria 7 : Family Tree, in which the artist and several actors played out a kind of ritualistic depiction of family stereotypes, here transformed into absurd characters.

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