Tuesday, February 9, 2010

We Don't Need Another Hero

For the apptly titled group show, We Don't Need Another Hero, curator by Amy-Jo Jory invited artists, writers and friends to create an artwork in response - negative, positive or indifferent - to their hero. The list of accompanying idols was impressive, and hilarious, ranging from Steven Hawking and 'Bruce' [Willis...I think?] to Anais Nin and Helen Clark. There were even some artists referred to!
Those involved chose to express their love, hatred and/or mistrust of famous folks in all manner of ways, making for a thoroughly entertaining and often hilarious exhibition. There were, for the more serious amongst us, plenty of works which engaged with art history and theory as well.
The opening event showcased several performances, including a song by Rory from Gaslight Radio, about Robin Adamson - a taxidermy enthusiast who was jailed for stealing stuffed birds from Sydney Museum.
Another excellent show at Seventh, and a really fun opening.
Congratulations everyone on your great work!

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