Tuesday, February 9, 2010

CHRIS LAWRENCE from PHILLY [That's, like, in the U.S.A., Right?!]*

Over the December break, we decided it would be a shame to let Seventh wallow in the heat and overbearing absence of art that an empty gallery so easily suffers from...So we invited an artist from Philadelphia, Chris Lawrence - a soon to be MFA Graduate from the University of Pennsylvania - to come and have a month or so long resdiency in the space, in which he could construct an installation throughout the entire gallery.

Chris rose eagerly to the challenge, and created an immersive and engaging installation, utilising a combination of found objects and

sleek materials. Channeling Jessica Stockholder and Ingvar Kamprad, among others, Chris' main construction appeared as a kind of elaborately broken machine, combining hi-tech electronics and brutally smashed lenghts of timber.

At the closing event, once the work was complete, Melbourne's own My Disco generously performed to the crowd. The event was literally earth shaking. Those guys rock out very loud and hard. Their minimal art-rock instumental jams complemented Chris' work beautifully.

On the whole, a really exciting show. Thanks heaps Chris for making the voyage to Oz and creating such a beautiful show for everyone! And thanks to My Disco for shaking up the foundations a bit...

*apologies Chris for this gross cultural generalisation.

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