Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Opening February 3rd, 2010 - Ross Coulter, Kent Wilson & Joanna Anderson

This is our first Calendar show for 2010, and what a great start. In Gallery One, for his installation titled Prelude, Ross Coulter has created an airy installation using paper planes - the room at first appears to be filled with IKEA pendant lamps, but upon closer inspection, these clusters of angular paper reveal themselves to be dozens of paper planes all taking siultaneous nose-dives.
The centrepiece of this work is a large concrete plinth, reminiscent of Rachel Whiteread or Bruce Nauman's 'A Cast of the Space Under My Chair', but here the conflict of flight and heaviness is literally compounded, as paper planes collide and embed themselves within this weighty - both metaphorically and literally - object.
In gallery Two, Kent Wilson's Plane of Composition, although not related to paper planes per se, still resonates with Ross' almost entirely white room: Kent's sculpture is also almost entirely white, apart from several objects carefully placed upon it.
A pyramid of speakers project a little water spout which sends a trickle of water down a perfect semi-circular groove to two pools, one containing a bonsai and the other a webcam. From the speakers emanates the weird cracking noise of the artist breaking twigs from two significant trees in melbourne, one related to indigenous Australians and the other to European settlers. Here, this self conscious gesture is slowed down and made aesthetic.
In the Project Space, Joanna Anderson has created an intimate drawing/sculpture titled CARE FACTOR, that encapsulates a kind of 'teenage girl's bedroom' aesthetic - a string of fairy lights that dangle around portraits of friends, family and other people we assume the artist admires...or perhaps not? The deflated balloons suspended in the centre of the arrangement lend a kind of fragile emotionality to the work, while the double-mantra 'Don't be Scared, don't be Scared' makes you wonder whether or not there is reason to be frightened here...

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