Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year from SEVENTH!

As 2009 rolls in, things at seventh have already gotten underway. Our new calendar begins with the slightly macabre, yet ambiguously funny take on the new years eve countdown: 2056, a projected work by Sam Stewart, which is ocupying the night screen until the 10th of Jan. Sam's work presents the late night passer-by with an abrupt and potentially disconcerting clock of his - and therefore their - own mortality, whittled down to the exact second.

Thanks again to all those who participated in the $ell-Out Sale, it was a huge success thanks to all of our contributing artists and ticket buyers. Great vibes all round. Ahough I was stuck on the barbie and didn't get a chance to witness the mad rush at the start, from what I heard everyone exercised a great deal of restraint and cordiality to their fellow art-snatchers. Well done everyone!

Our next opening will be on Tuesday the 13th Jan, at which you will encounter the works of Stephanie Hicks, Ieuan Weinman, Isaac Greener and Fiona Williams. Stay tuned...

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