Thursday, January 29, 2009

January @ SEVENTH

Our first full gallery for the year; with great art work and a great turnout to the opening! The warm weather always helps to bring out the art-lover in everyone...

Stephanie Hick's combination of playful collages, wall drawing and sculpture, titled Caught between all that was and all that must be, comfortably fills Gallery One.

In the project space is Isaac Greener's intimate video installation, Jacob, in which two versions of the artist are interrogated by an unseen questioner about the purpose of his 'experiment'.

Ieuan Weinman's Diagrams of the Abhayagirya Stupa, in Gallery Two, takes the form of a makeshift bamboo and hemp scaffold; a shrine-like assemblage upon which a plethora of images of this monumental structure are presented, executed in various media.

Fiona Williams' Photograph Videos occupy the night screen. Watch these picturesque landscapes emerging from the milky surface of the polaroid, presumably positioned on the ground where they were taken. The background often appears slightly at odds with the image that emerges each time...
Our next opening is this Tuesday, the 3rd of February, from 6 - 9pm or so. [Apologies about the flyers, which incorrectly stated the opening was on the 2nd.] The next round of artists include: Mila Faranov, Vittoria Di Stefano, Christo Crocker & Andrew Phillips. See you there!

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