Tuesday, November 25, 2008

SEVENTH Super $ell-Out Sale - Tuesday 16th December

Economic crisis! Help starving artists pay less rent! Save SEVENTH from destitution!

On Tuesday 16th of December, SEVENTH will be hosting an Every-Thing-Must-Go-Super-Sell-Out-Art-Sale and well, we need some art to “sell” and were wondering if you’d like to help us out....

We need 100 works on paper donated to gallery, which will be “sold” for $25 to 100 corresponding ticket holders. (See OVER for explanation of how the “sale” will work).

We would greatly appreciate a donation of a work on paper – a drawing, print or photograph, or any other wall-mountable object made from some sort of paper-like material.... If you donate 2 works, you get a ticket for free... Though this does sound like the beginnings of a pyramid scheme, let us assure you it is not. We are hoping to raise enough money to help subsidise the rent for 2009, when we will be extending the exhibition period from 2 to 3 weeks, and off-site projects we are hoping to develop in the New Year to generate opportunities for artists to show their work without paying rent.

Artworks will need to be delivered to the gallery between 9am and 1pm Sunday the 14th of December. If this is not possible you can contact Emma and we can arrange an alternative drop off prior to the 14th. We will then be hanging the show, salon-style and without names, that evening. The gallery will be open from the Monday for the “Preview” and the sell-out-sale will happen on Tuesday the 16th of December from 6-8pm.

Sample Press Release:

On Tuesday 16th of December, SEVENTH will be hosting an Every-Thing-Must-Go-Super-Sell-Out-Art-Sale and YOU are invited! For the small price of $25 you get a free drink and an artwork (crazy!), not to mention the warm feeling inside that will come from the knowledge that you have saved one little Artist-Run-Space from the brink of collapse....

How does it work? SEVENTH has 100 tickets and 100 artworks on paper. For a mere $25 this ticket will entitle you, upon entrance, to 1 FREE DRINK and a SEVENTH sell-out-sticker, which you then attach to the artwork of your choice. It will be survival of the fittest as you scramble for the artwork you want!

From 12 pm Monday 15th of December to 6pm Tuesday 16th of December, SEVENTH will be open for “Preview” of the work on offer. At 6pm on Tuesday, the ticket exchange will open and sell-out-stickers will be issued to ticket holders who can then place their sticker on the unclaimed artwork of their choice, return to the counter to quote the artwork’s reference number and at 8pm, the sell-out-sale will end and the winners take home their newly acquired artwork!

You will get some art to put on your wall! SEVENTH will have made enough money to keep rent prices down in 2009! Everyone wins!!!!

How do I get a ticket? From Wednesday 19th of November tickets will be on sale from SEVENTH (Wednesday – Saturday, 12-6). For alternative ticket purchase arrangements please contact Emma or Angela [angela@seventhgallery.org]. Otherwise tickets will be on sale at the door on Monday the 15th of December and Tuesday 16th of December.

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