Thursday, June 11, 2009

Exhibition Opening Night June 9th

'Twas a chilly Tuesday night at Seventh this week. Luckily the large crowd generated some much needed heat. Thank you to all for sharing your warmth once again.

Jody Cleaver's animation and photographs of sculptural puppets fill the Project Space and double up with another animation on the Night Screen, definitely worth a closer look. Brave that cool breeze and stand outside Seventh from 6pm to 12am otherwise take a few rides down Gertrude St on tram 86.

Some of the crowd peering into the intriguing pieces in Gallery much to see!

Gallery One contains 'Host' by Charlotte Ghaie and Jacob Weiss exploring the 'Thing' that comes from the inner space, not outer space. Weiss explores where the inner ends and the outer begins. Ghaie's watercolours and crafts peer into the cultural other and 'the misappropriation of the imagery of the other'.

A little space to breathe in Gallery One.

Kat Clarke's 'Intrusion' invades Gallery Two with intriguing sound and wired sculptures, walk down the back and check it out!

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