Monday, May 4, 2009

Exhibition Opening Night April 28

Thanks to all for coming down to Seventh for opening night and what a great one it was! Despite the chilly weather, the gallery was jam-packed, the crowd and art was all that was needed to generate some warmth. Come down for a closer look...

The intricate drawings of Alisdair McLuckie's 'The Highest Mountain Peaks, Right Before Dawn' surround the walls of Gallery One.

'The Body as Coloured Object' by Makiko Yamamoto in the Project Space. The crowd taking a closer look at the smaller pieces on the wall and in the intimate space.

A spectacular structure, the geodesic dome, fills Gallery Two by Kate Moss and John Burgess, 'Antipodal Sorcery' (Sorry about the blurry image, there are times when a tripod comes in handy).
'The invention of the geodesic dome was based on the geometry of nature and the principle's of nature's design so one does not feel closed in by the structure. It is reconstructed in skeletal form at Seventh Gallery and is a testament to the fluidity and mortality of social and theoretical constructs'.

Kirstyn Lyttle's 'The Body as a Coloured Object' projected on the Night Screen questioned the crowd by asking, 'What are you?'. This video attempts to visually explore some of the physical descriptors of the coloured body. It is screened after 6pm Tuesday to Saturday, come down and check it out!

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