Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Exhibition Opening April 7th

From the outside looking into Gallery One, the lights glared through the window of Seventh spilling out onto the street. The large crowd gathered inside and out to enjoy the exhibition opening night, mingling, drinking and craving the artwork.

It was a tight squeeze into Gallery One which is now showing the Safari Team's 'Safari Team Dig to China Part II', exploring the childhood myth of digging to China. The colourful, circular collages of work provide an insight into this wild adventure of danger and uncertainty.

The Project Space, containing the work of Amy-Jo Jory, drew inquisitive eyes sparked by static noise, making for a creepy, warm and mesmerising experience.

Gallery Two contains the work of Greg Penn, 'In Silent Mode'. This intriguing installation requires a closer look.
While Candice Cramner's 'Drill' played on the Night Screen, the crowd was also entertained by the tunes of Freddy Fudd Pucker, rounding up another great night at Seventh.
Come down to the gallery for an intimate look and hope to see you all at our next opening on April 28.

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